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Dropout was concieved back in early 2008 by three Londoners, Guy Hornsby, Jamie Richards and Stef Lesik. Leeds University friends Stef and Jamie hooked up with long-time capital dweller Guy to vent their frustration on the lack of opportunities in a saturated scene in East London, and what started as a few beers ended with Dropout's debut at the Edinburgh Cellars in Stoke Newington in March 2008. Started on the day that the legendary Turnmills closed, it was an attempt to steer away from the more established elements of London's club scene and put on more intimate parties in venues that put the punters at ease and didn't ask them to hand a note or two over when they came through the door. After a half-dozen successful events, we moved to our previous and much-loved home in Curtain Road, The Horse and Groom. 2011 was time to freshen up, and we moved to our current home, The Star Of Bethnal Green, where we welcomed Bearweasel for our 3rd birthday in June. We're already bedded in and we hope to see in our 4th birthday next spring in one of East London's finest venues. Over the past 36 months, we've had the pleasure of inviting some of our favourite DJs and producers down, from Craig Torrance, Tom Real and Gus Brown, to Leeds' Louche (Brinzley Kazak and Josh Tweek), DJ P45, Landed's Nathan Kyle , Bearweasel, Chris Finke and Polaroid's Joe Morris. We'll continue to plough our furrow of providing the best in house and techno to the capital's congnoscenti, and give you a reason to stick Saturdays in East London in your diary for years to come.

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